Actionscript 3 fun…

So basically I have been annoyed by the fact that it is so hard for new users to find answers to simple everyday problems when using Actionscript 3 for flash development. This is especially true when transitioning from Actionscript 1 or 2.

I would like to use this forum to share some of the knowledge that I have gained over the past few years working with as3 and hopefully help some people skip over some of the frustration and pitfalls that I suffered through.

Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Actionscript 3 fun…”

  1. I migrated from AS2 to AS3.. That wasn’t such a tough move.
    I was in denial at first, that AS3 was too hard.
    But it’s just as easy. Just a little more functions I need to type, but it’s worth it!
    AS3 is stronger, faster, and has way more functions than AS2. It is great!

  2. I agree, for me it was just a matter of correcting all of the bad habits that I learned while programming in as2. I cheated so much that most of my programming methods failed when I decided to dive in to as3. I also come from a background of programming in procedural languages so the concepts of OOP were foreign to me!

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