Create a Compiled Clip to Reduce Clutter in Flash

Sometimes when you are delivered an animation to put into your flash project, it contains quite a lot of messiness in the library.

A quick way to resolve that issues is to make a ‘compiled clip’ before adding the animation to your project.

First, open the project with the animation in it and select the entire animation.

Right click the frames and select ‘copy’

Next, create a new symbol (ctrl-f8)

Name the symbol, then checkmark export for actionscript. select OK.

right click on the first keyframe in this new symbol, and click paste. This will paste the entire animation into the new symbol.

Now, click the box in the bottom of the timeline called ‘select multiple frames’. Make sure to drag out the selector to cover your entire animation. Once you have done that, select EVERYTHING on your stage, and move it to the zero x and y positions.

Next, go back out of your animation and right click the newly created clip in the library. Select ‘Convert to Compiled Clip’.

This creates a new clip that you can simply copy and paste into your project without needing any of the other assets. Much cleaner!

Only one movie clip to deal with the entire animation!

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