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I am a freelance flash game/web developer living in southern California. I started working with flash back in 2002 and soon realized what a great tool it is for rapid application/game development. I’ve been hooked ever since!

Currently I spend most of my time building websites (that’s the money maker these days). If you are a web developer, you should be using drupal. It is the ONLY CMS as far as I am concerned. So why am I using WordPress you ask? Well, simple. Because when I started this site, I didn’t know how awesome Drupal is, so now it’s just a matter of taking the time to move my site over to a new system.

I am very anti Microsoft Internet Explorer, and an avid promoter of web standards compliance. If you don’t understand why I hate IE so much, just do a google seach on why IE sucks for you and the advancement of the web.

I also make music in my free time, and have also made many tracks for online games. (Speaking of games, I’m credited on Crysis and Command & Conquer if you wait long enough)

Tools I can’t live (work) without:

XAMPP (PHP, MySQL, Apache bundle), notepad++, Dropbox, Flash CS5, Flash/Flex Builder 4, Dreamweaver CS5, Photoshop CS5, Illustrator cs5, 7-Zip, FileZilla, Code::Blocks, Cubase 5, Wavelab 6

I hope you find my Actionscript 3 / Flash tutorials useful. Hopefully in the near future I will have more time to keep content more regularly updated! Also I’m interested to see what Actionscript 4 may bring us. But that is probably a good way off!

16 Responses to “About Me”

  1. avatarFighterlegend says:

    Very detailed description 😀

    For some reason, I can’t subscribe via RSS to this blog. Any problems with the rss feed page?

  2. avatarnuthman says:

    hey, thanks! Yeah, I’m still in the process of setting things up on here.. I’ll get the rss going asap..

  3. avatarnuthman says:

    ok, rss is working now! turns out if was a bug in one of the php scripts.. fun

  4. avatarMike Crone says:

    Great class–saves me a lot of time. Thank you. Perhaps I can return the favor some day.

  5. avatarMichael says:

    Just a question. How do I subsribe to this blog? Can’t find any way to do it, and when I click on the rss button it takes me to a page with a bunch of text on it…

  6. avatarnuthman says:

    What RSS reader do you use? you can add http://www.as3blog.org/?feed=rss2 to your reader.. I just use Outlook myself. Are you seeing something that you don’t usually see when you click on the RSS button? Sorry I’m not more helpful. I am not very knowledgable when it comes to RSS feeds. If there is something wrong, I would certain like to fix it.

    I know that there are quite a few people who have subscribed without trouble, but I have noticed that I get a different experience with the RSS button depending on the browser that I use. Maybe one of my readers could advise me/you..

  7. avatarMichael says:

    Unfortunately I don’t know how to use rss readers, ha ha! But nevermind, I found out how to register with that little login button down the bottom. So it should subscribe me now. (My account is BlackBullet by the way)

  8. avatarBrenda says:

    Please let me when you are fully relocated as I appreciate your sharing and because I am learning AS3.

    If there is any way you could also add a tweet button to your site that would be great as I can drive my twitter follower traffic to your site.

    Thanks and hopefully you wouldn’t have to pull your hair out during the move.

    Best regards ~

  9. avatarnuthman says:

    Hi Brenda –

    I’ve been really caught up in a huge contract that I’ve been working on, so the site overhaul has been delayed a bit. I did, however, move the site to a new hosting provider mediatemple (Which is AWESOME by the way). Hopefully I’ll be able finish upgrading the site soon. Good idea on the twitter button! I’ll add that to my icons.

  10. avataramul says:

    noticed your ad for as3 simplicity.. pretty nice site. Let me know when you get the drupal up.

  11. avatarVivi says:


    I came across your website while trying to find a way to pause my flash game using a pause menu. Your most recent entry was one of the first useful things I found, although it is not used in the same context that I want the game to pause.

    I was wondering if you could help me with this game I’m working on? It is a side project since I am pursuing a game art degree for Full Sail Online, but I learned the basics of ActionScript 3 a long while ago.

    Thank you so much! I know you’re busy so reply if you get a chance! Thanks so much for making this blog!!!

  12. avatarVivi says:


    Thanks for replying! I also follow you on Twitter (@DragonStargazer).

    I built this game a couple of years ago, and I’m trying to refine it by trying to make everything pause when the user presses a button, pulling up a pause menu with pause or quit or view controls features, like a lot of games I have seen. I tried removeEventListener on all the things I’ve got going on, but it doesn’t seem to work. I’m a beginning Flash user, so I don’t know how to pause the sound at all (I use have it on its own layer on the timeline).

    If you like I can send you my file and you can take a look and tell me what you think of my game? It’s nowhere near finished, but these games have always been 90% code and 10% art! Haha.

    Thanks for helping!

  13. avataramanda says:

    hey! I love the site! Keep it up.

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