Create a Compiled Clip to Reduce Clutter in Flash

Sometimes when you are delivered an animation to put into your flash project, it contains quite a lot of messiness in the library.

A quick way to resolve that issues is to make a ‘compiled clip’ before adding the animation to your project.

Find Hidden Malicious Code In Your Website

This is a little off the subject of Actionscript 3, but I think it’s an important little trick to know for anyone building content for the web. So here I am going to show a quick php snippet that will find hidden malicious code in your website, or more specifically, how to find hidden ‘strings’ of code in your site.

Site optimized for non-IE browsers

I just wanted to leave a little note to let everyone know that this site is optimized for browsers that are NOT Internet Explorer. If you are using IE and notice weird things happening on my blog, well, they will not be fixed.

How to ‘smooth’ an FLV / F4V video for Scaling

Have you noticed that your embedded Flash video looks like crap if you scale your flash file up or down?

A lot of people don’t realize this, but you can actually apply smoothing to flash video, just as you can to a bitmap image.