Comic-Con 2011 Can Kiss My Ass

I realize that this is completely off subject, but I am so pissed at Comic-con that I must rant.

First of all, there are just too many people, period. I went to the convention for the first time about 4 years ago, and there were a lot of people then. I had no problems getting into see my favorite panels back then. It was quite an enjoyable experience which I recommended to all of my friends!

Well, times have changed and the greed of Comic-con International has shined through with a ferocious vigor. First off, there were a ton of irrelevant panels for shows such as Glee and lame vampire BS. This of course has attracted all of the annoying fans who really don’t care about comics or real science fiction.

What it also introduced was a slew of selfish fans who filled all of the ballrooms to capacity, making it so that real fans could not see their favorite panel. Keep in mind that once you are in a ballroom, comic-con staff will not make you leave. You can camp there all day, taking the seat of someone who really wants to see the panel, just so that you can be an ass.

I arrived at about 8:30am to see The Big Bang Theory panel. I got in line, which wrapped and zig-zagged across the entire length of the convention center. I got in line about 1 hour BEFORE the PANEL BEFORE the Big Bang Theory. It was some other vampire panel. I was still in the line, which had hardly moved an inch up until the vampire panel ended.

A total of “100” people left the ball room. There were over 10,000 people in line. I didn’t realize this at the time of course. So I waited and I waited. Another hour passed. Then another.

The next thing that I realized was that I had missed my panel. No one so much as gave us a warning that there was no way we were ever going to get in to see anything. You see, I was deceived by the line steadily moving ahead for about an hour. This was because people were constantly LEAVING the line. Wow.. was I pissed. Finally, my friend went to ask someone what was going on, and they said ‘Sorry man, you’re not getting in’… ‘Anyway, the panel is almost over anyway.’

It turned out that some of the people who were in line behind me never got anywhere. They missed every single panel. Don’t ask me why they were so crazy as to stay in line all day.

I was so frustrated. I felt completely duped. These people just took everyone’s money knowing damn well that there were too many people, and that only a small fraction would get into the ballrooms. I feel that the pressure needs to be put on. I Think that the celebrities should boycott the show, and start a new convention that is only for sci-fi/comic related material. Make it fun again for those of us who actually love this stuff.

The vampires and the Glee folks have their own fans. Go get your own convention. Stop ruining ours.